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I have used caching in application which is related to name space System.Runtime.Caching.
I have two classes Customer and Sale.

Object of Customer class is referenced in parent class ie. Sale.
collection of both entities added in cached collection differently.
Suppose I have updated Customer A from customer form.Is it possible to get updated customer in sale without any extra efforts.

Note: Both entities are managed in different cached collection

What I have tried:

I tried to use child object by reference during cache filling of sale entity.But when Customer is updated,It is not reflecting in sale entity
[no name] 29-Oct-18 14:04pm    
What's wrong with using the collections in the Systems.Collections.Concurrent namespace?

I think your requirements go beyond (simply) "caching".
V5709 30-Oct-18 1:42am    
I want to persist collection of nested objects in memory cache for the benefit of performance.The issue is whenever I update child object ,to reflect it in parent object I need to fetch it again from child object cache. SO is it possible to get updated child object without accessing child object cache for parent object.
* Both parent and child objects are having their independent cache.

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