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Suddenly Session variables stopped working with my ASP.NET developing Server environment.

I have been working for days without problems, but suddenly no Session values works at all. The whole Microsoft tool for creating web application is worthless.

Everything including UrlReferrer is reset to Nothing for every page change.

I am running VS 2010 and have tried to shut down the Studio, cleaning browser data and restart the pc, but nothing has worked so far.
Any idears?


What I have tried:

I have tried to shutdown the Studio, cleaning browser data and restart the pc.
Updated 5-Nov-18 6:02am
[no name] 5-Nov-18 11:48am    
Did you tried to debug and see what issue is causing? Stopped working does not have any info

1 solution

If you have SP installed on top of that VS2010 installation, you could try switching the Development Server to use IIS Express as opposed to the built in Cassini server.
Enabling IIS Express support in VS 2010 Sp1 | ASP.NET Blog[^]

Aside from that, really can't help you as I haven't used 2010 much for the last 5 years. I would recommend that you migrate to a newer version.
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Bo Vistisen 5-Nov-18 13:56pm    
Thank you very much!
VS2010? Yes, I am retiered - my prime time was from 1980-2015 through all Microsoft products - but accepted to write an application to move the registration of the local historic archive - paper card based, but with some MS Access registration - of my small community.
I love Microsoft. The development of the programming environment have entertained me.
But there are days where I hate Microsoft. Take your solution: Do you allow to install Web PI? Yes or No. Not a single information of what PI is, or what Web PI can do for me! Ok, I install it. Now I am sitting looking at Web Platform Installer 5.1! Not a single line of information in the application. Nothing about why Web PI could be a help for me. No information about the apps that could be installed. No word about why I could need this.
Think about the talk about AI to day? What is AI? This is as much information and help to you, here and now where you need it. And then we have Microsoft. And we use them and are dependent of them, but I say sometime they leave us behind.

Please excuse my engish. I will try to search for information how to use Web PI. What I did read, was that i need to use webmatrix.
Thanks for listining.
MadMyche 5-Nov-18 14:27pm    
First thing first- did you try switching from Cassini to IIS Express?

Second thing- searching for Web Platform Installer did bring up an overview of what it is for- "provides a simplified installation workflow for installing common open source web applications and web platform technologies"

Do you need it? Probably not. WebMatrix is obsolete and I personally just use MVC when building from the ground up
Bo Vistisen 6-Nov-18 6:41am    
Thanks again.
I am not really prepared to start changing too much with my MS Development Environment. I mean, it is a complete package - like a car - you dont just change the engine because it will not start.

First I substitute my Session and ViewState with cookies testing for one single page. It worked fine. I might even consider change over to it, because I feel that I have hands on the program.

In the middle of it all this I need to change to Administrator and it told me that I needed to opdate - it would take several minutes! Stranges I did not have this message before.

Before doing anything else I just wanted to test if this update had any thing to do with my sudden problems. IT HAD!! Now it is working again. We will never find out why but who cares.

I will appolegise for the 'noise'. I am just glad everything is working again.

PS: I had to look up what Cassini was. Did not know that it was a part in Visual Studio 2010 Professional. It is not mentioned anywhere in the installed products.

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