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I'm done my code and have everything done, except for the part where i have to use a multi dimensional array in my program or two dimensional arrays, if you have any suggestions please post it as a solution thanks in advance.

What I have tried:

/*Skandan Vecham
 * Mini Bank Application
import java.util.*;
public class ATM {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        Scanner input=new Scanner (;
        //variables that store account number and pin
        String acctNum,pin="";
        // original balance which helps decide if the account information is true or false
        String originalBalance="error";
        //variables to store deposit and withdrawal amounts
        double depositAmount, withdrawAmount=0;
        // main menu option
        int mainMenu=0;
        // counter to lock user out
        int counter=3;
        // loop for user input of account number and pin
            System.out.println("Enter the account number:");
            System.out.println("Enter the pin:");
            // if statements to decide if user has tried to many times
            // if statement that kicks user out of program
                System.out.println("\nMaximum amount of attempts reached\nPlease visit a branch or call the bank at your convinence");
            // if statement that breaks the loop and gets on with the program provided that the information given is true
            else if(!(originalBalance.equals("error")))
        // converts balance which is in string to double for calculations
        double balance=Double.parseDouble(originalBalance);
        // do while loop to repeat the mainMenu multiple times
            // if statements that take user to desired place
            // if statement 1 takes user to withdrawal
            if (mainMenu==1)
                //Asks how much money the user would like to withdraw, and if withdraw amount is 
                // greater than current balance it will not process the request
                System.out.println("How much money would you like to withdraw");
                // while loop repeats the process
                    System.out.println("Insufficient Funds\nBalance= $"+balance+"\nTry again");
            // opens deposit method and deposits users choice of money
            else if (mainMenu==2)
                System.out.println("How much money would you like to deposit");
            // method that displays balance
            else if(mainMenu==3)
            // method that ends the program
            else if(mainMenu==4)
                System.out.println("Thank you for visiting the Bank of Skandanavia");
    // shows the balance of the account
    public static void displayBalance(double balance) {
        //printf $%.2f\n rounds decimals
        System.out.printf("Account Balance= $%.2f\n",balance);
// withdraw method which contains  the withdrawAmount and balance
    public static double withdraw(double withdrawAmount, double balance) 
        //printf $%.2f\n rounds decimals
        double newBalance=0;
        System.out.printf("Balance= $%.2f\n",newBalance);
        return newBalance;
// deposit method that deposits userinput into their accounts
    public static double deposit(double depositAmount, double balance) 
        double newBalance=0;
        System.out.printf("Balance= $ %.2f\n",newBalance);
        return newBalance;

// main menu method, directs user in the desired direction    
    public static int mainMenuOption() {
        Scanner input=new Scanner(;
        int userInput=0;
        System.out.println("\nWhat would you like to do today?");
        System.out.println("1. withdrawal");
        System.out.println("2. Deposit");
        System.out.println("3. Bank Balance");
        System.out.println("4. Exit");
        return userInput;
// validation of the users information
    public static String validation(String acctNum,String pin) {
        // array that holds account number, account pin, and account balance
        String accountNums[]= {"1234567","2345678","3456789","456789","76589"};
        String accountPin[]= {"1234","2345","3456","4567","5678"};
        double accountBal[]= {56.8,89.6,97.3,110.9,996.8};
        // result variable helps the original balance in the main method to decide if user input is false
        String result="";
        // to convert double account balance to string so it can return to main method
        String accountBalS="";
        int counter=0;
        // for loop to check if account information matches arrays 
        for(int x=0;x<5;x++)
            // actual conversion of double to string
                return result;
            // if account number or pin is invalid then this if statement will run
            else if(!(accountNums[x].equals(acctNum)||(accountPin[x].equals(pin)))&&counter==5)
                System.out.println("Account number or pin is invalid try again");
                return result;
        return result;
Updated 8-Nov-18 4:40am
CPallini 8-Nov-18 9:02am    
Why multidimensional arrays? An array of 'account' objects would fit nicely.
Member 14045850 8-Nov-18 9:12am    
It is required for my assignment
CPallini 8-Nov-18 16:57pm    
Your assignment is bogus.
Anyway, I understand, you have to comply.

Looks like you get to do some re-factoring for your account methods...

String AccountInfo[][] = {
  {"1234567","1234", "56.8" },
  {"2345678", ""2345", "89.6"},
  {"3456789", "3456", "97.3"},
  {"456789", "4567", "110.9"},
  {"76589", "5678", "996.8"}
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Member 14045850 8-Nov-18 10:45am    
Thanks, (supposed to be a 5 start)
CPallini 8-Nov-18 16:56pm    
Looks like you a have a dimension too much.
MadMyche 8-Nov-18 17:36pm    
yep I do
Member 14045850 8-Nov-18 17:43pm    
Hey guys thanks a lot for your help, i just handed in the assignment, and i think I'll do prty good.
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