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Using Canvas from tkinter create the SmileyFace class. This class must have the following functions:

constructor (__init__): draws a smiley face on a canvas object.





These functions return no values. They modify the look of the SmileyFace object.

Create a main() function that will place a smiley face and five buttons on a Tk() object. The buttons will be labeled as follows:






When a button other than the Quit button is clicked, the smiley face will change its appearance according with the button clicked.

For the wink, one eye must change to a line and the grin is a straight line for the face.

What I have tried:

from tkinter import *
class SmileyFace:
def smile():
global mouth
mouth = c.create_arc(50, 25, 200, 75, start = 180,
extent = 180)
c.create_oval(10, 10, 200, 200, width=2, fill='blue')
#def sad():
#mouth = c.create_arc

win = Tk()
c = Canvas(win)
mouth = c.create_arc(50, 50, 200 ,50, extent = 180)
Button(win, text = 'Smile', command = smile).pack()

(very confused and dont know what to do)

Updated 11-Nov-18 22:41pm

1 solution

You have been given the details of the class and the different functions. Start with the basics: create a single object that draws the smiley, and a button that will call the smile() function. Build and test your code. Once you have that working you should see how to add the other functions and their respective buttons.

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