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I have text as "AM.JUBAIL.PRE-FINISHING-LINE.PFBSTR.PFBST1" where i need to trim and display only last word in that text as PFBST1.

I need to know which expression or condition need to use eliminate rest of words.

What I have tried:

Updated 14-Nov-18 2:37am

1 solution

TRIM removes whitespace. You want a SUBSTRING of the text.

Try this
declare @text varchar(50) = 'AM.JUBAIL.PRE-FINISHING-LINE.PFBSTR.PFBST1'
select reverse(left(reverse(@text), charindex('.',reverse(@text)) - 1))

Here is the reference material
LEFT (Transact-SQL) | Microsoft Docs[^]
REVERSE (Transact-SQL) | Microsoft Docs[^]
CHARINDEX (Transact-SQL) | Microsoft Docs[^]

If you look at the results of these queries you can see more easily what is going on ...
select reverse(@text)
select charindex('.',reverse(@text))
select left(reverse(@text), charindex('.',reverse(@text)) - 1)
Results ...

[EDIT] Apologies - this was quite clearly tagged SSRS and I provided a SQL solution. Try the following instead (caveat - untested)
= Mid(Fields!LastEquipment.Value, InstrRev(Fields!LastEquipment.Value, ".") + 1, Length(Fields!LastEquipment.Value))
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Member 14053897 14-Nov-18 8:47am    
These query is not working because i need to use in Report builder not in SQl query. is there any way to use a expression in report builder.
CHill60 14-Nov-18 10:29am    
I've updated my solution. Sorry about that.
Member 14053897 17-Nov-18 1:27am    
I am getting error for this condition as "bc30451: is not declared. it may be inaccessible due to its protection level."
CHill60 22-Nov-18 7:40am    
It could mean that Fields!LastEquipment has gone out of scope. Does it work if you just use

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