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Can any one help me to convert this delphi code to C#.

class function TShrinkConfig.MyVersion: WORD;
ini: TIniFile;
ini := TIniFile.Create(gsIniFile);
Result := ini.ReadInteger(


if (not ini.ValueExists(SHRINK_INI_VERSIONS_SECTION, IntToStr(version))) then

I searched online that TiniFile corresponds to FileStream in C#.
But i am not able to understand and convert it into C#.

Help would be really appreciated.
Updated 11-Nov-10 11:06am
Toli Cuturicu 11-Nov-10 20:19pm    
OP's fake answer:
Ok kool .. This should work.
But i have seen that it has methods for reading and writing into INI.
But if i want to do something like check if value exists.
Is there any way for that.

Thanks for the replies.

I think that TIniFile doesn't corresponds to FileStream: probably it is related to the old .ini files which are deprecated and not directly supported in the .NET Framework.
However you can access them using the P/Invoke; the Win32 API that you need is GetPrivateProfileInt[^]
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You probably need a C# wrapper class around Win32 INI file API. Have a look at this CodeProject's article: "An INI file handling class using C#"[^].
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Then type ini in the search box and press enter!
Voila, lots of IniFile implementations!
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