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Find output of below program

int a;
a= 'b' - 'a';

a) compilation error
b) 97
c) 98
d) 0

What I have tried:

At first i thought the output would be 1 as the subtraction of ASCII values.but on execution it is giving errors. Since i am a beginner in C. Hope you will help me out !!
Updated 24-Nov-18 5:14am
Patrice T 24-Nov-18 3:21am    
Which error message ?

The solution I get is what I'd expect: 1
That's using two different compilers:
Virtual-C IDE[^]
Online C Compiler - online editor[^]
Both give the same results.

I can't think of a compiler that would (or should) give an error or any other result!
I'd check the question really carefully and make sure you haven't missed something or mistyped it here.
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The code you poste is perfect valid C one. The following program
#include <stdio.h>

int main()
  int a;
  a= 'b' - 'a';
  return 0;

compiles ('warninglessly') and runs fine, producing the output
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