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I need help to make a setup file for my project which i want to write to CD and to be used on any other system.
Updated 12-Nov-10 3:06am
JF2015 12-Nov-10 8:06am    
What have you tried so far? Which problems are you facing? Please tell us a little bit more!

In a 20 step nutshell (VS2005) ;):

1) Click 'File' -> 'Add' -> 'New Project'.
2) Goto 'Other Project Types' and 'Setup and Development'.
3) Choose 'Setup Project'.
4) In the 'Solution Explorer' rightclick on your setup project.
5) Choose 'Properties'.
6) Click 'Prerequisites...' button.
7) Choose your prerequisites (e.g. .NET Framework, Windows Installer).
8) Press 'OK', press 'Apply'.
9) Rightclick on 'Application Folder' in the left File System window.
10) Choose 'Add' -> 'Project Output'
11) When done, rightclick in the Right File System window.
12) Choose 'Add' and whatever you want to add to the application directory
during installation.
13) Rightclick on 'Project output from ....'
14) Select 'Create shorcut to Primary output from ...'
15) Rightclick on 'Shorcut to Primary output from...'
16) Choose 'Rename'
17) Name it after your application.
18) Select it and drag it to the left to 'User's Program Menu'.
19) (Build solution) Build your setup project.
20) In the setup project directory you'll find the .exe and .msi file to
install your application.

Pfffff... I need a rest and some coffee.
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Pradip9975 26-Jul-13 8:45am    
can i apply same process to database project of
edriso 12-Nov-10 9:02am    
does it apply to 2008 as well
thatraja 13-Nov-10 2:24am    
Good answer in a good way ... 5!
Neeil 17-Nov-10 3:12am    
It is also same steps in V S 2010 ????????
info4shajeer 10-Jul-12 5:00am    
Here's the whole tutorial: Step-by-Step Process of Creating a Setup and Deployment Project[^]

A simple Google search would have saved you a lot of time. Do not believe me. Check this: Clickety[^]!

Moreover, Google suggestion would have given you other search options as well. Put some effort my friend, put some effort!
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JF2015 12-Nov-10 8:18am    
Good advice!
Member 11873281 30-Dec-15 5:26am    
I have to create a setup file in which I can include the MYSQl data base file. whenever i am creating a setup file and installing on other system it is showing database file missing.
Ankur\m/ 15-Feb-16 5:02am    
Sorry for the late reply. Have come here after a long time.
Take a look here -
Found by searching -

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