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Hey Guys.
I'm having some difficulty getting my ToolStripMenuItem objects visible. Basically, I have a MenuStrip which is on an MDI parent form. On the File DropDownList there is another DDL called "Close Views...". On that DDL I have five generic tsmItems which have their Visible property set to False. Here's the primary code:
Dim menuItem As ToolStripMenuItem = Nothing
Dim itemList As ToolStripItemCollection = Me.tsmCloseViews.DropDownItems()
For Each tsmObj As Object In itemList
    menuItem = TryCast(tsmObj, ToolStripMenuItem)
    If menuItem.Tag = "(Open)" Then
        With menuItem
            .Tag = NewForm.Name
            .Text = "Close " & FormText
            .GetCurrentParent.Visible = True
            .Visible = True
            .Available = True
        End With
        Exit For
    End If

I suspect that the modifiers on the tsmItems need to be set to Protected or some other little setting that I am overlooking.

Any input would be appreciated!

What I have tried:

As shown in the above code, I have tried several methods which are described in various posts on the internet.
Updated 6-Dec-18 3:49am

1 solution

Well, I'm not entirely sure why, but moving the code out of the module and into the Main class where the MenuStrip was contained solved the problem.

I guess we'll consider this one closed.
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