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I am looking for help before I begin this project. I want to create a C# video player with visual studio which has a series of button that will log volleyball events/Stats and video time as the video plays. Stats will be recorded to a database for later review outside the player. I will be building custom play, pause, back, fwd and slow motion buttons as well. I would love a storyboard style timeline which displays these events as the video plays. The events will also be displayed in a list and if clicked will pop up a window playing the 5 seconds before and after the event. I would also want to have the ability to save the clip to be appended to other clips for a highlight reel per se. There are many other features I will build into this which I think I can handle but the storyboard I just do not know where to start and do not want to go down a path with a certain player type then have to start over.

Would using the MediaElement or the MediaPlayerElement be my best option for the player?

Any other advise or ideas before I start would be greatly appreciated.

This is for a personal project and the platform will be a Windows 10 Machine.

What I have tried:

I have not started this project yet, I just want to make sure I am starting in the right place.
Updated 13-Dec-18 10:26am
BillWoodruff 13-Dec-18 15:27pm    
What user behaviors create log events ?

1 solution

MediaElement seems a good choice if you need support for older browsers, but as you don't seem to need this there might be better alternatives, see article here: 5 Open Source HTML5 Video Players for 2019 – Bits and Pieces[^]
If you are interested in a non browser solution then libVLC might be a good choice, see article here: nVLC[^]
You might also be intested in this timeline control: C# Video TimeLine Control for DirectShow & VLC Like Adobe AfterEffects[^]
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Member 14087194 13-Dec-18 16:02pm    
I have zero experience with HTML5 and a little with C#. I assume I can build the whole thing in HTML5 and run it from a browser? Or would I just use an HTML5 video player inside a wpf project?
RickZeeland 13-Dec-18 16:10pm    
If you are not an experienced web developer it might be better to stick to C#, otherwise the learning curve will be steep, but of course that's my point of view as an old Winforms programmer :)
The real question here is what will be the video source, if it's from the web then HTML5 and web development seems the best choice.
Member 14087194 13-Dec-18 16:12pm    
I knew I would leave pertinent info out, lol. For my project the video will be primarily mp4 video from a local drive.
BillWoodruff 14-Dec-18 16:51pm    

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