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i have created the stored procedure which returns data from multiple tables.

Here i i am unable(don't know) to call the stored procedure with parameter.

Can anyone please help me to resolve this.

I tried with one scenario its returns

Id = 18, Status = WaitingForActivation, Method = "{null}", Result = "{Not yet computed}"

What I have tried:

created the console application.
1.created the models for all tables. stored procedures i cant.

2. Program.cs
var test = context.GetmessageAsync(int productId)

2. DBContext File
public async Task<List<Getmessage>> GetmessageAsync(int productId)
	// Initialization.  
	List<Getmessage> lst = new List<Getmessage>();

		// Settings.  
		SqlParameter usernameParam = new SqlParameter("@id", productId.ToString() ?? (object)DBNull.Value);

		// Processing.  
		string sqlQuery = "EXEC [dbo].[Getmessage] " +

		lst = await this.Query<Getmessage>().FromSql(sqlQuery, usernameParam).ToListAsync();
	catch (Exception ex)
		throw ex;
Updated 20-Feb-19 5:04am
Richard Deeming 20-Feb-19 10:20am    
Have you registered the Getmessage type as a query type[^]?
Harsh Jadaun 3-Oct-21 0:27am    
In my case the following command shows error:
SqlParameter usernameParam = new SqlParameter("@id", productId.ToString() ?? (object)DBNull.Value);

I'm using .net core 3.1 for practice, please suggest a solution for this.

1 solution

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Richard Deeming 20-Feb-19 10:16am    
Those seem to be related to Entity Framework, not Entity Framework Core. IIRC, EF Core has some significant differences around stored procedures.

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