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Hi !

I can't install (or use) Arduino debugger.
So, below the complete steps I followed

What I have tried:

Step 0: OK : Creating Arduino program in Eclipse. I can write, download, and run Arduino program (sketch).

Step 1: Done : setting up Eclipse IDE, adding GDB hardware debugging

Step 2: Adding debugger support...
This step is strange.
Adding avr8-stub.c and avr8-stub.h by drag'n'drop in the project explorer... Yes, but in which place?
Drop purposes 4 places: "build" ? "Mega2560" (name of my launch target) ? "core" ? "project" ?
Anyway, avr8-stub.c is not compiled. If I write something with errors, building the project doesn't give me any error.

When I look for properties of my project, I can't see the option "C/C++ build" between "Builders" and "C/C++ General".

For the moment, I'm cancelled there.
Any idea ?

Thank for your help.
Best regards.
Updated 26-Feb-19 5:09am

1 solution

Try the Arduino IDE: Arduino - Software[^]
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Member 13697182 26-Feb-19 11:54am    
I have the Arduino software for a couple of years now.
But there is no debugger on it.
I very often use debugger, under Freescale 9s12, or Microchip pic24F... for my job.
So, when a software becomes a little bit complex, a debugger is welcome.
It's why I asked for some help about the article below :

By debugger, I think run step by step, put breakpoints, see/modify value of a variable... All things I do with the other debuggers I use.

Thanks a lot.
Best regards
Richard MacCutchan 26-Feb-19 12:01pm    
If you want help with an article then please use the article's forum. That way the author will be able to help you.

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