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Hi I am looking for download able source code.
It must be like:
That is working perfectly but sadly this project can't save result in JPG or GIF format...

I want a user to create an plain image using rectangles and ellipses and save it in jpg fromat.

Kind regards
Updated 17-Nov-10 19:09pm

You could use the project from the link you posted and then use the


method to create a bitmap. This bitmap can then be saved as*.bmp, *.jpg...


here is an example:

private void toolStripButtonSave_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
  int w = drawArea.Width;
  int h = drawArea.Height;
  Bitmap bmp = new Bitmap(w, h);
  drawArea.DrawToBitmap(bmp, Rectangle.FromLTRB(0, 0, w, h));

As you can see I modified the event handler for the "Save" toolbar button. I have tested it and it works fine!
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heinrich4J 18-Nov-10 1:50am    
Problem is that this is in VB and the other code is in C#
Would i still be able to implement it this way?
JF2015 18-Nov-10 1:56am    
If you need this code in VB, then you would need to rewrite it completely since the whole DrawArea control of this project was written in C# and thus can not be easily used with VB. But since you have all the source it should not be that hard.
heinrich4J 18-Nov-10 2:28am    
sorry, i think i explainded wrong, i want to keep in in C#, Testing it now
Thanks for the help so far!
heinrich4J 18-Nov-10 2:34am    
Could you please add the code in the project and email me the zip? :)
I cant get it to work....(my skills are letting me donw)....
heinrich4J 18-Nov-10 2:41am    
heinrichh at
Thanks for the reply
how would i use the "drawArea.DrawToBitmap()"
where would it put it in?

kind regards
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JF2015 18-Nov-10 1:46am    
See my updated answer. And please, if you want to ask something about my answer, post a comment to the answer instead posting an answer to your question - this way I won't be notified of your question.

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