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I have developed an application for sending sms from pc to mobile using GSM modem. Will this work with usb modem also?
Can anyone help me?
Updated 20-Nov-10 3:07am

Generally speaking yes it should, but will depend on how the USB modem works, how the sms application works (which AT commands it uses), and therefore what AT commands the Modem expects. (the best way to find out is to test it)

(I know I shouldn't but...) I'm assuming your application will use a COM port to 'talk' to the GSM phone.
If you have one available, you can find out if the USB modem will work by connecting the device and checking "Computer Management" - "Device manger", you should have "Modems" and under that your device should appear. (You can also find which COM port it uses by right clicking the device and clicking "Properties" and then clicking on the 2nd tab "Modem", it should appear at the top "Port: COM n")

If it does in my experience the device should be compatible.
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Yes your modem will work as a usb modem connected via usb cable to your pc.
To see your connected device Goto- "Computer Management" - "Device manger", you should have "Modems" and under that your device should appear.

Using the COM Port you can communicate with your modem attached to pc. See on which COM Port is your modem connected to and send the AT Commmands after to send SMS to the mobile number.
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Member 13197399 13-May-17 7:34am    
i m doing same with matlab but
getting following output

Serial Port Object : Serial-COM4

Communication Settings
Port: COM4
BaudRate: 9600
Terminator: 'CR'

Communication State
Status: open
RecordStatus: off

Read/Write State
TransferStatus: idle
BytesAvailable: 0
ValuesReceived: 0
ValuesSent: 0

please help me out
Member 13197399 13-May-17 7:35am    
here a link of my code

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