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Hello friends

i am trying to change opacity of button in

but i couldn't find any properties like opacity.. how can i change opacity

of program can anyone tell me....

For the button Set the UseVisibleStyleBackColor = False
Suppose the button name is "changeBatchLocationBtn"

Then in the load event of the form set the opacity using the below given code.

Color col = changeBatchLocationBtn.BackColor;
changeBatchLocationBtn.BackColor = Color.FromArgb(50, col.R, col.G, col.B);

The 1st parameter for the FromArgb method decides the opacity. Lower value gives low opacity and higher value gives high opacity.

Refer link for reference.[^]

-- Bhushan Deshmukh
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A button does not support any opacity property.

See here[^] for an alternative.
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You CANNOT use such options(like partial opacity/custom shape/shadowing) unless you are using WPF(simply because WInFOrms uses GDI+, that has very poor power in creating non-standart elements(non-standart mean non-rectangular and non-windows-like).If you like,you can check with API functions, but it definetly will not provide best solution.As an alternative try finding controls of other firms
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