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What is Custom Class?
Where do we use the Custom class?
Updated 29-Nov-10 21:46pm
Dalek Dave 30-Nov-10 3:46am    
Minor Edit for Grammar.

A custom class is one that is written by a programmer for a specific purpose opposed to all the pre-existing classes that come with the .NET framework.

So when I do something like this:

public class MyClass
    int test;
    String whatever;

    public MyClass(int i, String s)
        this.test = i;
        this.whatever = s;

I've created a custom class.


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Dalek Dave 30-Nov-10 3:47am    
Straightforward answer to a basic question.
Any class you produce is a Custom class or Custom Type rather. But in certain cases the way of declaring your class might change.


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Dalek Dave 30-Nov-10 3:47am    
Good link.

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