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How to delete multiple rows in a GridView (backend is MS Access database) through C#. I have finished up to displaying of these data record in gridview and am able to delete one record at a time. Is it possible to select more than one row by multiple selection and delete them all by click of one DELETE control.

Sorry you are right I should have used the term DATAGRIDVIEW as it is windows form application and not ASP(.NET) application. Hence any suggetion on it?

Updated 8-Dec-10 2:44am
TweakBird 1-Dec-10 7:06am
are you googled ?
Rajesh Anuhya 1-Dec-10 7:11am
Looks.., No Effort
Slacker007 1-Dec-10 7:11am
@Eswa: it is "Have you Googled?" :)
TweakBird 1-Dec-10 7:25am
LOL :)
Henry Minute 1-Dec-10 8:59am
Everyone seems to have assumed that you are talking about an ASP(.NET) application because you use the term 'GridView'. If, however, it is a Windows Forms application you should make sure to use the correct terminology 'DataGridView'. If it is indeed an ASP app, then you should have added an ASP(.NET) tag, to make it clear.
TweakBird 1-Dec-10 22:36pm
Good suggestion Henry!

Here[^] is another link to this kind of thing.

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