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Hi there,

I have a client - server program that I've made for the very 1st time, for educational purposes :cool:

My problem is this:
Testing it, server and client was the same machine, through the program I connected as a client to my self (being a server listening).
All works fine!

Trying it to different devices, server and client each, when I try to connect to the server I get every time 'Permission denied'.

I use local IPs.
For example, my server is and my client

No port forwarding needed for the test.

I've been searching for an answer for some time now, google-ing etc, I could use some help! :doh:
Updated 1-Dec-10 9:00am
Henry Minute 1-Dec-10 14:07pm    
'doesn't work!' really doesn't give much of a clue to anyone trying to help you.
In what way does it not work? Do you get error messages?
HimanshuJoshi 1-Dec-10 14:54pm    
Also provide the part of code which is not working and what exactly is not working. Update your question with the details.
Lampros Giampouras 1-Dec-10 14:58pm    
Yeah sorry.

'The following error occurred: Permission denied'

1 solution

Well, I am not much into C++, but out here it looks issue of security settings and permissions. You need to allow remote connections to the server, might be firewall permissions or so... try disabling the firewall and see.

The kind of connection you are trying to make to server via client is not having proper credentials to talk to server.
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Lampros Giampouras 1-Dec-10 15:32pm    
Already done that on Windows. Still the same issue!
I mostly use the program on a mobile device (Symbian). Server and client are 2 different cell phones.
But I tested it on windows too..

Symbian has no firewall..

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