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Thank you, in advance, for any assistance that you may lend. I am using the voice recognition software found in Windows 7. I am also using the additional macro recognition software from MS. An example of usage would be: I utter the word "foobar" and instead of typing those characters on my page, the word is recognized by the software as a macro trigger and the software performs a series of keystrokes. The macro language requires that the keystrokes be identified in a specific manner, for example: {{CTRL}{ALT}}X. The assistance that I am seeking is specific to the Microsoft X6 keyboard, which has additional keys available for the execution of macros. These keys are labeled S1 through S12. Now to the meat! What symbols should I enclose in squiggly brackets to cause those keys to be "pressed" by my voice activated macro? I have attempted all of the obvious "names" of those special keys and I have attempted internet searches on this subject in every way that I can think of. I am hoping that one of you will quickly humiliate me by finding the information that I seek on your very first attempt or that one of you will have already accomplished this task through your own experimentation. I throw myself at the feet of the wisdom of crowds in this instance. Thank you very much for your help.

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Hi Me!

First things first. I really want to thank the 49 people that took a look at my question, shrugged and headed off to do something worth their time.

I do appreciate very much the moments of your lives that you spent trying to help me.

It turns out that I should have been trying to find things about "SPEECH", and not about "VOICE". It was just that simple.

I wish I knew how to delete this question so that no one else would have to click it and burn their cycles on my boggle.

Thanks again to all!
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