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I would like to dynamically render an html menu or unordered list from a dataset that contains my sitemap, i'm stuck here can anyone help. Please it is urgent. Thanks.

Private Sub LoadXML()
       Dim IsAuthorised As Boolean = False
       Dim dr As DataRow = Nothing
       Dim LastSlashOccurence As Integer = 0
       Dim NodeUrl As String = ""
       Dim sb As StringBuilder = New StringBuilder

       For Each dr In dsSiteMap.Tables(0).Rows
           If dr.Item(1).ToString <> "" And dr.Item(1).ToString <> "~/IACC_Home.aspx" Then
               LastSlashOccurence = dr.Item(1).ToString.LastIndexOf("/") + 1
               NodeUrl = dr.Item(1).ToString.Substring(LastSlashOccurence, (Len(dr.Item(1).ToString) - LastSlashOccurence))
               For Each RoleUrl In Session("UserMenuRoles").Split(New Char() {";"c})
                   If RoleUrl = "All" Then
                       IsAuthorised = True
                       Exit For
                   End If
                   If RoleUrl = NodeUrl Then
                       IsAuthorised = True
                       sb.Append("<li id=navselected class=""navsingle nav0""><a href=" & dr.Item(1).ToString & " class=""navstaticlink"">" & dr.Item(3) & "</a></li>")
                       Exit For
                   End If
           End If
   End Sub
Updated 7-Dec-10 3:45am

1 solution

You've added all your ul/li elements as plain text in your string builder, but you haven't added it to your document and you're not returning the text in the function.

You'll need to output the text from your string builder (sb.ToString()) and then add that text to the document.

An alternate approach would be to just use the site map control which works as above without any code. For a really dynamic menu, use the freely available sql-based site map provider. No need to re-invent the wheel. ;)


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