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I am writing a program that loops through payments. The program is supposed to pause after 12 paymenets have been displayed and then resume when the user either: clicks a button, inputs "n" for next and presses enter, or whatever.

I am using the following code to pause the program:

If PaymentNumber Mod 12 = 0 Then

End If

What I've done in the middle of the If block is to code a MessageBox that asks the user to click Yes to display the next 12 payments. This works but I want to code a Button or a Text box instead of a Message box to accept user input or a click to display the next 12 payments.
I am stuck and can't figure this out.... Any suggestions would be very much appreciated....
wizardzz 7-Dec-10 16:03pm    
Could you post any code? I think that you may not need to pause anything. Just execute a function when a user's input triggers an event. I don't think that would be nested within an If statement.

1 solution

So code up the dialog box that you need, and do this:

MyDialogBox dialog = new MyDialogBox();
if (myDialogBox.DialogResult == OK)
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