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I have several ASP.NET sites, hosted on the same domain (different subdomains) and working via HTTPS.

I have WCF service, hosted on the same domain.

I have a separate state server for sessions.

All sites use cookieless session (if someone asks why - i will reply later, but it's a 'must')

On my sites, I use grid components from Telerik (but actually it does not matter) that ask for data from WCF service and must be filled with this data.

The problems are:

1) I cannot manage to make POST request to WCF service from javascript: for some reason it's always either GET or OPTIONS (no matter if I use Sys.Net.WebServiceProxy invoke or just a plain jquery AJAX request). It happens even if I indicate COOKIE mode, not cookieless. Maybe because of this I am getting "405 Method not allowed" error - WCF is set for POST request, but the site sends GET...

2) I cannot manage to retrieve SESSION from my websites! I tried approach, that I found, but WCF always uses OWN session, instead of 'connecting' to existing ASP.NET session, despite on ASP.NET compatibility mode. I need SESSION to exchange data between my sites and WCF service

3) I don't have idea currently, how to manage security when exchanging data between mentioned ones, in the light of above-mentioned problems...

4) I don't know exactly, how web.config for WCF service should look like in my case, because I've seen tons of different variants, but all for some simple cases.

Would be really appreciated for the help! I'm stuck for 2 or 3 weeks already, far behind the plan, but nothing still works...

1 solution

I ended up with moving WCF service under web, so will have a WCF service PER web site
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