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I have script from this script I get to string 1st is 101114(format yymmdd) date 2nd is 162941 (hhmmss) time.

Now want to join these two strings so that I can save it into sql server dated as datetime.

But I don't know to convert this string as dd-mm-yyyy join it with time.

Please help.

Thank you

You should investigate DateTime.ParseExact() or the DateTime.Parse() or one of the overrides of either.[^]

That will get you a DateTime that can be passed to SqlServer.
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Thank you for your question. You can follow the bellow code.

DECLARE @FormatedDateTime varchar(36)
DECLARE @YourDate char(10)
DECLARE @YourTime char(10)

SELECT @YourDate = '101114'
SELECT @YourTime = '162941'

SELECT @FormatedDateTime = convert(varchar, convert(datetime, @YourDate), 111)
    + ' ' + substring(@YourTime, 1, 2)
    + ':' + substring(@YourTime, 3, 2)
    + ':' + substring(@YourTime, 5, 2)

SELECT FormattedDateTime = @FormatedDateTime

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DateTime.ParseExact method and DateTime.TryParseExact, are useful when you have a rare format or a format that confuses DateTime.Parse.
using System;
using System.Globalization;
class Program
    static void Main()
        string dateString = "Mon 16 Jun 8:30 AM 2008"; 
        string format = "ddd dd MMM h:mm tt yyyy";
        DateTime dateTime = DateTime.ParseExact(dateString, format,

Hope this example will help you.
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