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I have to create a windows service for reading some machines data for the customer client application. But, I dont have option host the service in IIS. Customer can only consume the service through web url using webrequest. Is there any possibility to consume the WCF service hosted in windows service using webrequest.

Hosting method should not be in IIS and consuming the service should be a type of webrequest (I dont have any idea on this). client will only call net.tcp,http URL types to consume the service.

Thanks in advance.

What I have tried:

I searched in many websites but i'm helpless
Updated 8-Apr-19 6:21am
[no name] 8-Apr-19 12:06pm    
Why do you think you to "host the service in IIS" for a client to make / "consume" a web request? One has nothing to do with the other.

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Yes it's possible, all you have to do is make your code act as a basic web server. Listen on a port (it doesn't have to be port 80, if IIS is running on the machine it will probably have to be something other than 80 though) and when a request comes in it will be an http request message.

HTTP/1.1: Request[^]

The easiest way to understand what HTTP requests look like is to use the debug tools in your browser and look at the network tab as you request pages, the format is quite simple. Once your service has received a message, parse the request and do whatever work is required to fulfil the request and return an appropriately formatted response. Again you can work out what the response should look like by looking at responses in the debug tools of your browser.

If you google for something like "c# make basic web server" you'll probably find a lot of the code is out there already.
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raddevus 8-Apr-19 13:59pm    
Fantastic! I was just reading this and I googled for a solution and the answer at is really great. You can run that example in ( with the following using statements:
System.Runtime.Serialization, System.ServiceModel.Channels, System.ServiceModel, System.ServiceModel.Web
Member 11265837 9-Apr-19 0:27am    
@F-ES Sitecore, Great. Thanks.

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