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I have a html report and i want to convert into pdf format using java script.

Indeed Java script code for converting html file into pdf.

Updated 27-Dec-10 2:14am
Smithers-Jones 24-Dec-10 5:37am    
Sandeep Mewara 24-Dec-10 11:00am    
Any effort?
Hiren solanki 27-Dec-10 8:14am    
Removed excessive white space from question and some grammar fixing.
Member 12087416 26-Oct-15 6:55am    
How we export a html form to pdf using only pure javascript..NOt OTHER languages.I don't wanted to add any plugins/libraries to my code

1 solution

Try this..!!!!!

// Example javascript script to convert the
// web page to a PDF file

var conv = new ActiveXObject("pdfServMachine.converter");
conv.convert("", "c:\\google.pdf", false);
WScript.Echo("finished conversion");

or try this..if u dnt want javascript

here is a code snippet to convert a local html file to pdf.
URL url = new File("test.html").toURI().toURL(); WebClient webClient = new WebClient(); HtmlPage page = webClient.getPage(url); OutputStream os = null; try{ os = new FileOutputStream("test.pdf"); ITextRenderer renderer = new ITextRenderer(); renderer.setDocument(page,url.toString()); renderer.layout(); renderer.createPDF(os); } finally{ if(os != null) os.close();

or try this will work....

Client Side - Minimum Code:
(NOT RECOMMENDED) security of reading / writing on client can prohibit client side generation

html = new html$()
pdf = new pdf$();

html.parse("<B> Hello World</B>");


Server Side - Minimum ASP Code:

<%@ language=javascript%>
<script SRC="collinsPdf.js" language="JavaScript" runat="Server"></script>
<script SRC="collinsHtml.js" language="JavaScript" runat="Server"></script>
   html = new html$();
   pdf = new pdf$();

   html.parse("The Date is: <b><i>" + new Date() + "</i></B>");
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Hiren solanki 27-Dec-10 8:13am    
Combined both of your answer.
yaprig 29-Dec-10 2:38am    
thnx Hiren
Member 12087416 26-Oct-15 6:49am    
useless answer .What he can asked what u can tell .He clearly mentioned using javascript .But again u can explain in some other languages.From what useful to anyone.Nothing Please give answer related or directly if possible otherwise don't give any answers this is my request mainly to @@@@@yapring.

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