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What should I use instead of CreatePosPassThru for multiple input pins?
STDMETHODIMP CTransformerOutputPin::NonDelegatingQueryInterface(REFIID riid, void **ppv)
    *ppv = NULL;
    if (riid == IID_IMediaPosition || riid == IID_IMediaSeeking) {
        // we should have an input pin by now
        if (m_pPosition == NULL) {
            HRESULT hr = CreatePosPassThru(
                             (IPin *)m_pAudioTransformerFilter->m_Arrinputpin[0],
            if (FAILED(hr)) {
                return hr;
        return m_pPosition->QueryInterface(riid, ppv);
    } else {
        return CBaseOutputPin::NonDelegatingQueryInterface(riid, ppv);

CreatePosPassThru: Creates a COM object that supports IMediaSeeking and IMediaPosition for single-input pin renderers and transform filters.
STDAPI CreatePosPassThru(
BOOL bRenderer,
IPin *pPin,
IUnknown **ppPassThru);

When I had one input pin, everything was fine.
I have transformer filter with multiple inputs.

It is actual.
Updated 13-Jan-11 2:24am

1 solution

I have upgraded CreatePosPassThru, CSeekingPassThru and got CreatePosPassThruMultiple, CSeekingPassThruMultiple.
I just call all the functions for all pins and instead of IPin * use IPin ** and pins_size.

Now i am going to test this.
It seems to me, that it works.
[no name] 13-Jan-11 8:23am
Does not work. Is there any existent function?
[no name] 18-Oct-11 3:23am
One should use CreatePosPassThru for each input pin in filter and return interface on first input pin.

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