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I have developed a windows application and created installation for the same but I don't want let it to uninstalled from - Add or Remove Program option of control Panel. Even it should not be appeared in Add or Remove Program option of control panel.

It must be uninstalled only from application itself after providing authorized password by the user.

Is there any way to do this.


Kind Regards

Sushil Saini
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 4-Jan-11 20:38pm    
This question may make sense. Interesting, anyway. However, I would prefer relying on authorization based on system accounts and local system policy: it normally allows a priviledged user to install anything and uninstall the same thing later. This symmetry is reasonable. So, I vote "4".

Do you want to allow some user to install the application, and prohibit the same user to uninstall if without a special password? Please answer. If so, this would be unfair. For example, if it allowed to install commercial application based on license fee and ask a separate fee to uninstall, I would probably sue your company.
jerrykid 4-Jan-11 20:58pm    
I think there is hardly to have a solution for your question except Microsoft Corp. Because the OS and VS2005 is managed by MS Development department, so only them can hide the things you want :)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 4-Jan-11 21:30pm    
@jerrykid: I think this is solvable, at least partially. Of course it's hard or impossible to hack the privilege for the installation, but why not hosting uninstallation in another application; this application would ask a password and simply exit if password is wrong. It can be worked around, but you see, ANY code can be removed: you physically remove executable directories, than clean-up the registry with one of those utilities.

The problem is different. As I pointed out, why doing this? It is fair? How about lawsuite agains the company?
JOAT-MON 4-Jan-11 21:44pm    
Did you create the installation in Visual Studio?
jerrykid 4-Jan-11 21:51pm    
@SAKryukov: Yes, it's solvable. But difficult and need to have good skill in thinking and designing software application to hack the steps for hiding Uninstall application in Control Panel.

If I understand you correctly, you will probably need an editor like Orca to open up the msi that is created and add an entry to the Property table called ARPSYSTEMCOMPONENT and give it the value of 1. I believe this should prevent it from showing in the Add/Remove Programs list.
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Since my application works on securing private folder data from unauthorized users/hackers on a stand alone desk top PC. If some one uninstalls the application from Add or Remove Programs of control panel than it becomes my problem to reinstall it or provide license key.

The main purpose for prohibiting uninstallation from unuthorized users is to maintain privacy. And only owner should uninstall the application whenever required.
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Nithin Sundar 4-Jan-11 22:30pm    
Please don't add an answer which serves to explain your question. You can either edit your question above or click the "Add Comment" link below each answer and type it there so that it's more readable for other users.
Please provide the License key otherwise if some one un-installed and if they are re-installing they should be able to open it with the help of the License key.
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