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I am working in peer to application.I have implemented UDP/TCP hole punching(c++) and two peer can directly connect to each other with the help rendezvous server and then can transfer data without help of server.But if I use proxy in these two peer UDP/TCP hole punching doesnot work.Can any body tell way to over come this problem.How can get through the proxy.

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in a scenario like
A--->proxy --------proxy<---B

(S is the server) unless making the proxies aware about how your application manages TCP ports, both A & B can open a socket towards S, but A and S cannot open sockets to B (as B and S cannot open to A).
Who is outside a proxies doesn't have free reachability of what is inside.
That's what proxies are for.

You should take care of this fact, when designing this kind of apps.
Also, check that the port/address of the server isn't filtered by the proxies for some reasons.
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Dalek Dave 5-Jan-11 3:28am    
Good description. Even I understood that!
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 5-Jan-11 17:06pm    
Good explanation, yeah even Dave understood it! ;) 5+
Emilio Garavaglia 6-Jan-11 3:33am    
??? There must be something in Dave's past I don't figure out!

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