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How do I select multiple rows in a datagrid on mouse click without using a control key?
Updated 6-Jan-11 3:19am

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You want to have a multi-selectin of rows but don't want to use the general way of using 'Control' key while selection. In such case, one possible way what I can think of is to have first column as checkboxes. Allow user to select them in order to select rows. Thus, selecting/clicking on checkboxes alone would select multiple rows at a time.
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Hiren solanki 6-Jan-11 9:26am    
Comment from OP:I need multi selection without using check box
Sandeep Mewara 6-Jan-11 9:31am    
Right, and what all? Until, unless you don't share across what and why clearly, how can we help you?
vivektp 6-Jan-11 23:45pm    
My apllication will be running in a device which has no key board and has a touch screen...
I have a data grid in my application which should support multiple row selection if the user selects row/s.How do i achive this without using check boxes?
Sandeep Mewara 6-Jan-11 23:56pm    
Ok. Checkboxs suit your requirement. Why not use it?
vivektp 7-Jan-11 1:27am    
That is my client's requirement .. :(

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