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I have VS2010 on W7 64-Bit with .NET 3.5 SP1

(I checked for SP1 in the Registry to be sure that it's there. It is.)

I added a JPG file to my project and tried to set its Build Action to "Splash Screen".

In my case that option is not listed. Why not?

How else to provide a Splash Screen?


This might help:
WPF - Splash screen with status update[^]

Espen Harlinn
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JF2015 15-Jan-11 10:21am    
Good answer. 5+
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 15-Jan-11 18:43pm    
Good answer, interesting reference (my 5).
A added my answer in response to additional question by Alwyn.
TweakBird 16-Jan-11 6:44am    
Good Answer. 5+
Espen Harlinn 16-Jan-11 6:59am    
Why don't you just google for "WPF splashscreen". I get tons of results.
For example these 2 directly from CodeProject:

Implement Splash Screen with WPF[^]

WPF Splash Screen[^]
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Espen Harlinn 15-Jan-11 10:23am    
5+ I should have known that the answer was already available on CodeProject :)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 15-Jan-11 18:43pm    
Good answer, interesting reference (my 5).
A added my answer in response to additional question by Alwyn.
Thank you for your answer but I saw the following at "":

To add an existing image as a splash screen
1.Create or find an image that you want to use for the splash screen. You can use any image format that is supported by the Windows Imaging Component (WIC). For example, you can use the BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, or TIFF format.
2.Add the image file to the WPF Application project. For more information, see How to: Add Existing Items to a Project.
3.In Solution Explorer, select the image.
4.In the Properties window, click the drop-down arrow for the Build Action property.
5.Select SplashScreen from the drop-down list.
If you do not see the SplashScreen option, be sure to check that you are using Visual Studio 2008 SP1 or later.

I am using Visual Studio 2010 and I thought the above looked simpler than having to write code.
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>"why "Splash Screen" is not listed as a "Build Action" option in my system"

First of all, you're most probably using wrong terminology: most likely, what you have in mind is Visual Studio "Template", the actions taken when you perform the operation "Add" in your Solution Explorer at a solution or project node of the tree. Less likely you meant a "Build Action" because is a notion of build system, specific to a separate project node (representing a file) -- see MSBuild documentation for comprehensive information.

Probably, "Splash Screen" is not "listed" anywhere, because there is no special need in it. There is nothing special about a component which can serve as a splash screen. Most typically, this is a WPF Window or System.Windows.Forms.Form with specially adjusted properties and appropriate handling of some events.

If you simply paid more attention to the other Answers, you would not have to ask additional question on the topic; and I would not need to write mine.
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