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I have created a VB.NET windows application using nusoap web services. There is a module in my application which runs every 2.5 sec (on timer tick event). On each tick event of the timer this module calls a web service method inside a background worker. It returns some records in XML and then this XML is bound to a DatagridView. Now the problem is sometime it shows this error message:
The underlying connection was closed : A connection that was expected to be kept alive was closed.

How can I solve this issue, because I didn't find keep alive method present in nusoap.

Thanks in advance!
Updated 20-Jan-11 7:45am
DaveAuld 20-Jan-11 13:36pm    
What code are you running inside the tick event and the background worker etc. please update your question with the information, it will give folks more to go on.

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When you call the webservice do you do this using the .NET frameworks WebRequest. If you are you can set the KeepAlive property on the WebRequest object to false. This might resolve your issue.
It would help us to solve this if you would post the relevant code bits where the error occurs and the stacktrace of the exception would also help.

Best Regards,
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