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I am capturing the event of the clicking the Selected Node of a TreeView in SelectedNodeChanged,but It is not firing everytime. But some times it is getting selected. SelectedNodeChanged should change since the selection has obviously changed but it is not working. So, what event can I catch so I know that the Selected Node was clicked?

And more importantly, one first Parent node and its child node is bing selected and remaing Parents are not even triggered. What is this behavior, any idea please?

I am adding nodes in this way!
TreeNode lObjTreeNode = null;

lObjTreeNode = new TreeNode("NewNode");

lObjTreeNode.SelectAction = =TreeNodeSelectAction.Select;

and adding the nodes.

Any ideas on this please.
Updated 27-Jan-11 20:27pm

1 solution

I used the following code on .NET Framework 4 and 2.0 and it gave me the node which was selected:

private void treeView1_AfterSelect(object sender, TreeViewEventArgs e)

Hope this helps.
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