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how do i make use of serial port that know of incoming data and trigger something. for example if there is a sms, it will trigger something rather than i keep doing polling. its the same logic as mscomm but how do i do it in serial port?

i am doing on visual basic 05,
Oh, not again... What's the goal, some detail, where is your code. Nobody is interested to write your code for you, especially you don't explain anything.
Rajesh Anuhya 31-Jan-11 4:32am
How many times you will ask this Question., I already answered your question in your previous Post.., Go there..,

1 solution

You may be able to adapt the APIs used in this[^]
(see source at bottom of page)

-- update --
Related MSDN reference[^]
This is very useful application, good to know - a 5 (also SysInternals PortMon).
However, I think OP answer is just yet another "how can I write my program doing you-know-what you-know-how by the one-who-is-not-to-be-named, but not by myself :-)
How do you think: there a request for question removal, with the option: "Substandard Question/no explanation of the code" -- is that the case? No code, no explanation...
Indivara 31-Jan-11 4:06am
Thanks for the vote :)
You mean this guy keeps posting this type of question? Didn't realize...
Rajesh Anuhya 31-Jan-11 4:36am
My vote of 1.., no use for the OP, Not related to Question.

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