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Hi All,

I must have done a work around in the past but I can't remember how I did it!
I have a program that talks to a bit of hardware via a virtual serial port. The item needs to zero before sense can be read from it. It dies not always zero so power cycling the 'thing' is about the only way. In power cycling the virtual serial port disappears. This then causes issues with the program, which can be got around by closing the COM port and reopening the COM port. What I am trying to is to send the command 'P'+\r+\n wait for the reply and close the port.
Bang Cross threading issue...
How did I get around this before??

What I have tried:

private void port_DataReceived_1(object sender,SerialDataReceivedEventArgs e)
   InputData = myComPort.ReadExisting();
   // MessageBox.Show(InputData);
   //rtbIncoming.Text = InputData;
   //rtbIncoming.SelectionStart = rtbIncoming.Text.Length;
  if (InputData != String.Empty)
      this.BeginInvoke(new SetTextCallback(SetText), new object[]{ InputData});
    //added 05/12/2023
    /* MessageBox.Show("here!");*/
     btnOpen_Click(null, null);   //causes a bang!
Andre Oosthuizen 5-Dec-23 14:15pm    
"How did I get around this before?", that is a good question.

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