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I have written a program in C# that requires more plotting options that the typical line plot. I do need to plot a line based on points but I also need to plot ellipses around different points on that line based on +/- x and y values. I hope that makes sense. Basically, I just need to be able to plot 4 points then draw a smooth, curved line connecting them and repeat.

I have tried an older version of Steema TeeChart (used on another project) and Zedgraph but both fall short. Zedgraph kind of lets you draw an ellipse but it comes out shaped like a teardrop. I have also researched several others but see no signs that they will be any different.

I suppose one option is to do it all myself and learn how to do graphics but that would be a huge task since I have no experience with that. I have seen other professional programs do similar things with 3D graphics but not sure how that was accomplished.

Any thoughts or suggestions on how to do this? Thanks in advance.

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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 31-Jan-11 18:51pm    
That should help - my 5.
I would strongly advice doing all the plotting by yourself, if the libraries does not give your the features you don't need. This is quite doable (Mark gives you one useful technique). Of course, this is very general answer; maybe somebody will give you better idea.

You see, people often underestimate the time wasted on using someone's code because digging in such solutions unconsciously perceived as "not real work", even though more time is wasted and result is not achieved. Doing it yourself might be easier and certainly more useful practice — if your results satisfy your, of course.

Another idea is switching to WPF, much better suited for plotting and diagramming. (I didn't say it's easier in general, but for plotting/diagramming the approach is way more natural, you don't care about rendering; and performance is much better.)

Good luck,
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If you're good with math, you might have a look at this:[^]
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