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Hi All,
I have a datagrid( 1.1), in which i have added a template column of Check box. If i select multiple check boxes, and i am using a for loop to check which all check boxes are selected so that i can get the corresponding selected rows. But after using the find Control, if i am checking for the Chk.Checked value its coming false always.
Tried to google, but i am getting the examples of SelectALL, but i need the multiple selected rows. Can some body please provide me some solution.
I am keeping the Autopostback property of the check box as False. if i am keeping it as True, i can select only one chkbox at a time.
So please let me know if anybody has worked on this. I need a javascript funtion for the same.
TweakBird 7-Feb-11 22:44pm    
Can you post your code?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 7-Feb-11 23:22pm    
I'm just curious: why would you use .NET 1.1? Framework versions prior to 2.0 are no good, but 2.0 does not require XP or later Windows. What are the Windows versions required to be supported? As .NET Framework if free, why not moving to v.2.0 or even later? People are using v.4.0 mostly...

See this CP Article for your reference Using CheckBoxes within the DataGrid control to select records[^]. Please cross check once.

These links also helpful
Datagrid HeaderCheckbox[^]
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Hi SA,
Thanks for the reply. As the project what i am working currently was developed in .net 1.1.
And Now new features has to be added so have to work on .net 1.1.Will be updating the existing code base.Will check for the link as you have provided.

Tanushree Behera
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