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I have got a struct for ex:

struct MyObject
    Point Location; 
    Color c;

And I am using an ArrayList for keep them together ex:

ArrayList MyList = new ArrayList();
MyObject obj = new MyObject();
obj.Location = new Point(0, 0);
obj.c = Color.White;

The problem is

I want to use an object's properties from ArrayList with specified index like:


but I have to convert MyList[0] to MyObject first. Because It is an Object type thats why I cannot reach MyObject's properties.

How can I do that?


(Btw) I do not want to use normal arrays because I will be using Add and RemoveAt functions a lot.
Updated 16-Feb-11 8:39am

With classes like this you always will need type cast for collection's element.

In general case:
object whoKnowsWhat //...
MyObject my = whoKnowsWhat as MyObject;
if (my == nulll) //... do something like throwing exception or ignoring
my./... use my

//If you're already sure is of the right class
//(and not null, already cheched), type cast directly:
MyObject my = (MyObject)whoKnowsWhat;
//if it's wrong, not problem, the code above will throw exception,
//so you could recover

Don't do all that in your case!

Simply don't use name space System.Collections, it's mostly obsolete; use System.Collections.Generic instead. At least you will be away from the problems with casting.

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Use a List<MyObject> instead. ArrayList is not going to let you do what you want to do.
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Albin Abel 16-Feb-11 13:42pm    
both answers are same, 5 each
public struct MyObj
    public Point Location;
    public Color c;
public void test()
    List<MyObj> MyList = new List<MyObj>();
    MyObj[] abc = new MyObj[5];

    for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++)
        abc[i].Location = new Point();
        abc[i].c = new Color();

        //to add in the List

    //gets the number of items in the List
    int count = MyList.Count;

    //gets the capacity of List
    int cap = MyList.Capacity;

    //Removes All elements from the List

    //inser the object at the specified index in List
    MyList.Insert(2, abc[3]);

    //removes the object from specified index

    //Removes all elements from the List
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