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Hey Guru's,

Okie i will rephrase the question,i was trying to consume the webservices in C#,can you please give me some lead.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Web.Services.Description;
using System.IO;
using System.Xml;
namespace wsdlreader
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            ServiceDescription wsdl = ServiceDescription.Read(@"C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\WebService1\t.wsdl");
            foreach (PortType pt in wsdl.PortTypes)
                Console.WriteLine("PortType {0}", pt.Name);
                foreach (Operation op in pt.Operations)
                    Console.WriteLine("\tOperation: {0}", op.Name);
                    foreach (OperationMessage msg in op.Messages)
                        if (msg is OperationInput)
                            Console.WriteLine("\t\tInput Message: {0}", msg.Message);
                        else if (msg is OperationOutput)
                            Console.WriteLine("\t\tOutput Message: {0}", msg.Message);
                            Console.WriteLine("\t\tFault Message: {0}", msg.Message);


Updated 1-Mar-11 13:50pm
luisnike19 1-Mar-11 20:24pm    
What do you need? what's the problem with this code?
thatraja 1-Mar-11 20:25pm    
any error?

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shan1395 1-Mar-11 21:43pm    
first of all thanks for all your help.There is nothing wrong with that code,if you seen the code above,am not using referenced to read the wsdl file.

I am trying to consume my webservice thru add reference.

What i did here is i add the webreference and call my webservice (wsdl) file.and trying to invoke those webservice in my console application to retrieve the value of the field.

And i have one more question ,how can i create the porxy webservice,bcoz when i call my webservice it return 404 error.
luisnike19 2-Mar-11 0:36am    
You could have a problem with the IIS. In case you have IIS 6.0 check this link
MSDN might be the best link for you[^].
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shan1395 2-Mar-11 0:57am    
Thanks Abhinav,yep that helped me.

Moved from stage one to stage two.

I gotta another problem when i call the method
shan1395 2-Mar-11 1:01am    
when i was trying to call the method

<S:ELEMENT name="ExportEmployees" xmlns:s="#unknown">-<S:COMPLEXTYPE>-
   <S:ELEMENT name="LoginName" type="s:string" maxoccurs="1" minoccurs="0" />
   <S:ELEMENT name="Password" type="s:string" maxoccurs="1" minoccurs="0" />
   <S:ELEMENT name="LastExport" type="s:dateTime" maxoccurs="1" minoccurs="1" nillable="true" />

i couldn't able to find ? any help please
#realJSOP 2-Mar-11 8:38am    
Take more care when you post a message here. You need to escape your pointy brackes so everything between them shows up.
Before you consume a Web service you must first install it correctly.
All the steps are listed here:[^]

After that using it is very simple. You access the web service as if you accessed a class.

How old is the Orthodox Faith?[^]
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shan1395 2-Mar-11 17:02pm    
Thanks for your comment TheRomanian,i was following the exact same way the "" ask to do.still i couldn't able to pull my method.i can see other methods but this one is to pass the string and retrieve the values

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