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How to change the color of Windows form header ( minimize , maximize , close)
from blue color to some other color ?

can we do Custom Rendering for form header color change?

Toli Cuturicu 5-Mar-11 13:49pm    
Use Control Panel.

Hope Link1[^] and link2[^]might help you.
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[no name] 5-Mar-11 6:17am    
Check out this lnk this might help you.
You can check with win32api functions, but i would tell that you will have to work on very low levels(i mean you will have to re-arrange H_Wind elements and so on) so if you are using WinForms, just leave header as it is, or you can use WPF window with custom header(it is quite easier to do in WPF) to host winForms controls
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The background of any form may be changed either by specifying a new color, or by using a background image. The background color is controlled by the BackColor property of the form. By default this property is set to Control. This specifies that the form should use a system defined default color. This color varies between different Windows versions, and changes when the user changes the overall color scheme of their Windows system.
To change the background color, select the form in Visual Studio and locate the BackColor property in the Properties panel. There are a number of ways to specify a color.
Color by name - Simply type in a color name into the BackColor value field (for example Red, Yellow, Cyan etc).
Color by RGB value - Colors may be specified by entering the hexadecimal RGB values (for example #FFFFFF for white, #000000 for while and so on). RGB values may also be specified using decimal values (for example 255,255,255 for white, 0,0,0 for black etc).
Color from existing palette - Clicking on the down arrow in the BackColor value field will display a drop down menu. Lists are available for web safe colors, custom colors and system colors.
Once you have selected a new color the background color of your form will change to reflect the new setting.
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