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Hi All,

I am developing web application in by using LINQ. I am looking for solution to insert records in multiple tables with single query.

E.g. I have three tables which has relations with each other.

ColAA (Primary Key)
ColAC Foreign Key with C);

ColBA (Primary Key)
ColBC(Foreign Key with A);

ColCA (Primary Key)
ColCC(Foreign Key with B);

While, I will insert record in TableA in the mean time I have to insert records in TableB and TableC. I do not want to make three trip of database server with code or execute three queries in single stored procedure

What is the Best policy to do it efficiently?


I am curious how the database know which table has to inserted first if it is a single query, in order to maintain the constraint rules.

What you need to do is pack your queries in a Transaction. it allows you to roll back if any query fails.

Stored procedure is a good way to avoid trips

Have a look at here how to roll back in a stored procedure, in case of errors.[^]
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Do all inserts but call the SubmitChanges() statement at the end.

Refer below link:[^]
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Albin Abel 9-Mar-11 5:57am    
For LinQ method this is correct. My 5
Wild-Programmer 10-Mar-11 5:12am    
Thankx Albin ;)

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