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Hi all,
I am supposed to handle an event in my project (c#,, visual studio ).

There are two files related to a form. there is key_down event in both the files.
How can i make out that which file's event is called first.

I have a guess that in one file the events is never called.

Help me out to solve this issue.
Updated 10-Mar-11 19:02pm

Using Visual Studio DEBUGGER? What say?
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arunmj 11-Mar-11 1:55am    
i already tried it ,, but any way thanks
Olivier Levrey 11-Mar-11 3:28am    
This should be enough. My 5.
arunmj 11-Mar-11 3:45am    
thanks sandeep and oliver,,
problem is almost solved...
Sandeep is right. Just put a break point into both handlers, run your app in debug mode, hit a key and see where you stop first.

Normally, your handlers should be called in the same order of the assignements:

     //first assignement
     MyEvent += MyEventHandler1;
     //Second assignement
     MyEvent += MyEventHandler2;

void MyEventHandler1(object sender, EventArgs e)
    //will be called first
void MyEventHandler2(object sender, EventArgs e)
    //will be called after
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arunmj 11-Mar-11 3:45am    
ok ........
Olivier Levrey 11-Mar-11 3:59am    
I updated my answer. The first one was not very helpful...
arunmj 14-Mar-11 6:27am    
thankss olivier

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