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Dear All,

I have following query:

ChargeFormula varchar(8000) null
Charge numeric(18, 0) null

I have following value in the table ChargeMaster

ChargeID : 1003
ChargeDesc : SinkingFund
ChargeFormula : (400.00*0.75)/100)/12
Charge : NULL
ChargeStatus : Y

Now I want to use the formula which is in the ChargeFormula field and put the value calculated in the Charge column. But the ChargeFormula column is nvarchar and Charge is numeric. I am facing problem to convert the value.

Please Help.

Thanks in Advance..

Vinay D Sarmalkar
Updated 15-Mar-11 4:24am

This[^] thread has a Stored Procedure definition that does what the two previous replies do. Which you may find useful.
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Espen Harlinn 15-Mar-11 17:49pm    
Right, my 5 - you obviously meant sp_executesql :)
Try this

declare @tmp varchar(100)
select @tmp=formula from table
exec sqltextquery @tmp
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Something like below will convert to int but as you have Charge numeric(18, 0) null output returns 0(as you have 0 decimal places to return) where actual output is 0.25000
select cast((select (((400.00*0.75)/100)/12) as test) as int)
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