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I am trying to send email using gmail, below is my code

SmtpClient smtpClient = new SmtpClient();
MailMessage message = new MailMessage();
MailAddress fromAddress = new MailAddress("", "From Me");
MailAddress toAddress = new MailAddress("", "To You");
message.From = fromAddress;
message.Subject = "Testing!";
message.Body = "This is the body of a sample message";
smtpClient.Host = "";
smtpClient.Credentials = new System.Net.NetworkCredential("username", "password");

smtpClient.EnableSsl = true;

smtpClient.Port = 587;

I am getting this error "The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated. The server response was: 5.5.1 Authentication Required."
Password and username is all correct, i tried lot of things but not working :(

Plz anyone help me

Updated 17-Mar-11 19:40pm

Hope this[^] might help you.
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You did not specified Smtpclient name in your SmtpClient() object.
Just add this line above the declaration of new SmtpClient(); object.

String server= "";

and pass the string parameter to smtpclient object like this :
SmtpClient smtpClient = new SmtpClient(server);

instead of "SmtpClient smtpClient = new SmtpClient();"

this will work.. :)
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ProgrammerAt 18-Mar-11 2:11am    
Hi Kapil,
your code worked :) thanks a lot.

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