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I need an application under window services that checks if a web browser or a p2p is running. If it is then I need to query a database to see if it has permission. If it does then end of story, No permission then I'll continue to monitor for downloads.
If a download happens then I need to find out what kind of file it is and take appropriate action. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

I can monitor window process. but how do you pull the info to write logic?
Updated 16-Apr-11 19:20pm
Debojyoti Majumder 19-Mar-11 2:55am    
Quite a big task...

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You've taken on quite a huge project.

This is all accomplished in a firewall type server, not something running on each client. You don't look for executables running on a workstation. You look for its traffic trying to get through your firewall.

To find out what the file is (you cannot rely on filenames and extension!) you would have to use heuristics to learn to identify whats in the traffic. The problem is encrypted traffic. There's no way to determine what's inside that stuff, so the best you've got is to watch for which ports are being requested.

BTW: This is all off-the-shelf stuff. You're just re-inventing the wheel by trying to write it yourself. And before you start with the "those things cost money" argument, how much do you get paid an hour and how long do you think it's going to take you to write your own proxy server/firewall?? I'll bet it's far more expensive for you to write it than buy it.
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Member 7766180 17-Apr-11 20:20pm    
Your right, this is a big task! But I'm doing this for fun, a learning experience you might say. I like to stretch my brain!

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