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hi every one
How to divide an webform into frames
and call webfrom in frames by stander button not HTML button
thanks for any help

as example

in this site menu in header to call other web page
ok this menu in frame and other pages called in frame
Updated 20-Mar-11 2:50am

If you mean IFrames you need to know when to use it. IFrames can be used to display static or some interactive content which is not related to rest of the pages. Say your page is divided into Header, Body and Footer. You want to have common header and footer for all the pages. Then the way is not IFrames. Because if you put Iframe for header, if it interact with the body content it will be a complex problem.

The way of dealing with header is master pages or nested master pages. For the footer you can use Web user controls, which you can insert commonly in all the pages.

So summarily IFrames can be use to display static or some interactive content which are not interact with rest of the pages. Web user controls are safer than IFrames in view of scripting vulnerability. But the advantage of IFrames is it can display a remote content.

Or if it needed divide and group the controls in the content page then Panels are the way. You look for multi views if you don't want to show all the contents at same time, but only on certain conditions show that content. Also look at wizard control if you want to create a wizard.

If the above not fit for your question give more details, we would able to help you.

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Are you asking about iFrames? If so then you need to have whatever parts of the webform you want to be displaying divided up into separate .aspx pages. From there you can load the given .aspx pages into their respective iFrames. Any sort of interaction between them at that point would have to be done with javascript, but even so you would be highly limited (especially if you're dealing with SSL / non-SSL) with what you could possibly do.

Unless you're talking about panels. More clarification on this is necessary.
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