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<br/>Partly Cloudy/Win-

Using the above two-line string from a web page, why wont this regex string work,
\<\w*\>\w*\s\w*\/\w*\-\r\n\w*\<\/\w*\>, in finding the above string?

The carriage return is not working (\r\n)

It works fine in Expresso but not in VB 2010 pro.

Thnx a bunch in advance for the correct answer.

It won't work this way. To match end-of-line, use '$'. It also depends on option: it ether means end of string or end of any line, see your regex options. The '$' match is much better than character-based match, because it is system-independent: there are few different ways to delimiter lines.

rspercy65 22-Mar-11 18:38pm
The dollar sign is not working in expresso or Rad Software Regex Designer or VB 10. I used it with
RegexOptions.Multiline. The'$' doesnt seem to work in any of these programs.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 22-Mar-11 18:44pm
If must be some mistake. Not all features work in all cases, but '$' is a very old and basic one.
I used it everywhere (many different languages and libraries), $ always worked.

I'm sure the problem is different. Did you pay attention to options? The option can be named "multiline" or something...

rspercy65 22-Mar-11 20:08pm
Using my line above....How would I use it, with the single quotes, braces, brackets...what?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 22-Mar-11 20:11pm
Sorry, I only paid attention of end-of-line so far...
Could you kindly describe informally what should you match with examples?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 22-Mar-11 20:13pm
Also, when you say it doesn't work in VS, what library do you mean? Or IDE?
If you need to process two-line sample, what other samples if would match, and what not?
rspercy65 22-Mar-11 20:15pm
match the two-lines below(with tags) exactly the same.

<br/>Partly Cloudy/Win-
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 22-Mar-11 20:22pm
It it is "exactly the same" search exact substring. Purpose of regex is different.
Your regex attempt also covers a big set of matches: w* means several words, without any detail on what letters are, etc.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 22-Mar-11 20:19pm
I would suggest use something like this:


So far, I don't know your goal exactly though, just to give an idea...

rspercy65 22-Mar-11 20:27pm
What I need to see is this...
<br/>Partly Cloudy/Win-d</div>

Then I use the Replace statement and remove the(<br/> and </div>) tags and then place the results in a Label in a weather application
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 22-Mar-11 20:41pm
I'm telling you, it should be some variable string. What?!
rspercy65 22-Mar-11 21:55pm
<br/>Partly Cloudy/Win-

We use this string above as the data were going to find.
Using the above two-line string from a web page, we use this regex string,
\<\w*\>\w*\s\w*\/\w*\-\r\n\w*\<\/\w*\>. It works in expresso and Regex Designer and
this is the result '<br/>Partly Cloudy/Win-d</div>'. But, this does not work in Visual Basic 2010 pro. What I am trying to do is get this result so I can use it in a weather five day forecast.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 22-Mar-11 22:52pm
No, if it is forecast, which seems obvious, it's not "Win-d" every day. You should select definitive criteria for full set of forecasts. Reference the Web site, most likely I'll find out.
rspercy65 23-Mar-11 4:50am
There is 13 different types, Cloudy, Cloudy/Wind, Partly Cloudy, Rain/Wind/Sleet,
Partly Cloudy/Win-
d...and the list goes on

The html tags are all the same(<br/> and </div>). There is 5 different forecast that I want to retreive. Here is my code
Dim patternAA As String = "<[\w]*/>{1}[\w\s/]*-{1}\r\n[\w\s/]*|\<\w*\/\>\w*\<\/\w*\>" &
"|\<\w*\/\>\w*\s\w*\<\/\w*\>|\<\w*\/\>\w*\s\w*\-\w*\<\/\w*\>|\<\w*\/\>\w*\s\w*\<\w*\/\>" &
"|\<\w*\/\>\w*\s\w*\<\/\w*\>|\<\w*\/\>\w*\s\w*\/\w*\s\w*\<\/\w*\>|\<\w*\/\>\w*\s\w*\s\w*\s\w*\<\/\w*\>" &
'Get the five conditions and the Images that we need.
For Each m In Regex.Matches(myTB.Text, patternAA, RegexOptions.Multiline)
strMatch += m.Value
strMatch = strMatch.Replace("<br/>", "")
strMatch = strMatch.Replace("</div>", ",")
' MessageBox.Show(strMatch)
parts3 = Split(strMatch, ",")

lblCon1.Text = parts3(0)
lblCon2.Text = parts3(1)
lblCon3.Text = parts3(2)
lblCon4.Text = parts3(3)
lblCon5.Text = parts3(4)

This works as long as there is no "carriage return" in the string i need from web page.
Albin Abel 22-Mar-11 22:35pm
You are right "It it is "exactly the same" search exact substring. Purpose of regex is different". OPs pattern is a more generalized one and may result in many matches. My 5
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 22-Mar-11 22:37pm
Isn't this obvious. I still think this is OP's communication problem, and it is not "exactly the same".
Thank you, Albin.
Try this way..

string test=@"bla bla <br/>Partly Cloudy/Win-
            d</div> bla bla";

string pattern2 = "<[\\w]*/>{1}[\\w\\s/]*-{1}\\r\\n[\\w\\s/]*</[\\w]*>";
 Regex reg2 = new Regex(pattern2);
 Match match2 = reg.Match(test, 0);

This is as per your example. But inside the html tags better use [a-zA-Z] because inside html tags only text is allowed.

I suggest take out the carriage return part. Why because it is not guarantee the carriage return occurs at the same place every time.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 22-Mar-11 22:40pm
Seems reasonable, a 5 (taking into account OP did not specify what's needed).
I think '-' and carriage return are redundant: why and HTML itself is wrong: 1) there is not "win- d" (carriage return is the same as blank space), 2) today windy, tomorrow rainy -- it is not a criteria. None of that is your fault.
Albin Abel 22-Mar-11 23:34pm
It is summer here now. Thanks SAKryukov
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 23-Mar-11 14:01pm
Not _here_. I had to wipe snow on the day you post your good Answer.

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