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Hi every one,
I want to build vb program that read from fingerprint database direct
not from intermediate program and I have the IP only of this machine
How i can access this database by IP only ????????
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Solution 3

First, you cannot get at an Access database by only an IP address. Access is a file-based database with no communication module, you need to be able to get at the database file through a shared folder on the remote machine.

Second, if you have no information on the database itself, how talbes are arranged and used, column details, how data is stored, how to interpret what is retrieved, how to submit a query, ... you have no hope of accomplishing this task. There is no generic "this is how fingerprints are stored in a database" specification for this.
hager_yousef 3-Apr-11 2:14am
you are right Dave, but how can the application with that fingerprint machine access the database without any information
Dave Kreskowiak 3-Apr-11 9:03am
Are you kidding me? Of cource the application knows how to get to the database and use it! The same people that wrote the application also wrote the database. The application knows everything it needs to use that database.

If YOU don't know anything about the database, how are you going to tell your own app how to use it??
hager_yousef 3-Apr-11 9:04am
Thank you.
R4k3sh 19-May-11 7:04am
Hi Yousef,
Could you please share the complete solution of reading functions from zkemkeeper? Thanks,
hager_yousef 29-May-11 3:54am
You can find the solution in this URL
Dave Kreskowiak 29-May-11 10:51am
Why are you replying to me with this??? I don't give a rats ass about zkemkeeper.dll and it will not work with every vendors fingerprint reader and database.
hager_yousef 16-Jun-11 6:11am
It will be ,try it
Dave Kreskowiak 16-Jun-11 7:48am
I don't have to. I've already worked with stuff that this thing will NOT work with.

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Solution 1

How i can access this database by IP only
Instead of the server name, put the IP address.
Smithers-Jones 31-Mar-11 7:48am
posted as answer by OP:
"Hi Sandeep Mewara,

I don't know the database type or where it located in this machine .
All I have its IP only and there is a program that access fingerprint machine and put its data in Access file .
I want to make my application to read from this machine without that program.

what can I do?"
I deleted his answer.
Sandeep Mewara 31-Mar-11 7:57am
Thanks Jone.
Sandeep Mewara 31-Mar-11 7:58am
For OP:
In order to connect to a database, you HAVE to know it's type and other details to access it. Connection string would depend on that.
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Solution 4

Hi everybody,

I knew the solution of my problem .The solution is zkemkeeper.dll

Thanks all.

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