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I am developing a smart device application. The application should interact with my sqlserver database through a Web webservice.

My problem is, the web reference is not being added to my smart device application. I can see it on solution explorer, but cannot access it on my smart device code file. Here is a code sample:

1. Service webSevice = new Service(); ********?????*******

2. webSevice.Url = "http://localhost/ServiceVDir/Service.asmx";

3. txtMsg.Text = webSevice.HelloWorld();

In the code sample above, I cannot get past line 1... Service is not found. Been working on this the whole day and it would be great if I got assistance from anyone...

VS 2008 (Visual Basic)
SQLServer 2008

What could the problem be?
Kschuler 12-Apr-11 14:05pm    
In the solution explorer is it listed as a Web Reference? Or is it listed as a Service Reference?
Wie_Funu 12-Apr-11 14:16pm    
It is listed as a web reference
Wie_Funu 12-Apr-11 15:43pm    
The proxy isn't being generated ... the error I get when trying to update my web reference below:

"the custom tool 'msdiscocodegenerator' failed. could not retrieve the current project"

1 solution

You have to provide full exception details and full code block of service call for answer...
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Wie_Funu 20-Apr-11 16:40pm    
I solved it by removing VS2008 completely and re-installing... thanx ;)

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