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gud evening sir,
i am g.vijay bhasker purcieving mtech in hyderabab.i am doing my academic project 'mining frequent itemset using genetic algorithm".sir, i want to do that project for non-binary datasets.but i am not understanding how to do,if u know plz suggest me solution and code for this one to my mail id is

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Updated 15-Apr-11 2:46am
Smithers-Jones 15-Apr-11 8:22am    
"my academic project" - My is the keyword here. So you have to do some work on your own and can't just sit back and hope, that somebody will do it for you (well, you actually can sit back and hope, but I doubt, that you will succeed).

CP also has some great articles on genetic algorithms and this only one of them: Genetics Dot Net - The Basics[^].
Please feel free to use the search field top right side of this site.


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Rick Shaub 15-Apr-11 9:48am    
Good link.
I did a genetic algorithm assignment a couple of semesters ago for my Masters and I literally took the Wikipedia article and used it as a "recipe". The implementation is really not that hard for genetic algorithms. The hardest part is coming up with a fitness function that rates how good the solution is.

What you need to do is:

1. Define a genetic mapping for the solution. This can be either a string of bits or an array of some kind of integer. Your program will be able to decode the mapping into a solution for whatever problem you're trying to solve. In my case, it was the "n-queens problem", and I had an array of integers where each element was a row and the value was a column.

2. Define a fitness function. In my case, I would count the number of queens that could capture other queens. The lower the score the higher the fitness.

For the specifics on the algorithm, see Wikipedia:[^]
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It does not work like this here. I am sorry but there is no quick question here. This sounds like your college project/assignment, you should put some effort.

We expect you to put some time in trying the issue that you are facing and then some time in formulating the question while posting here. Further, you post your email id and ask for code to be posted there. :doh:

Here is what is expected by enquirers:
1. TRY first what you want to do!
2. Formulate what was done by you that looks like an issue/not working.

Try them and tell if you face issues.
Members will be more than happy to help like this.
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Manfred Rudolf Bihy 15-Apr-11 8:58am    
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You tell him!

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