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I'm trying to convert a char* to a BSTR*, and my char* has special characters in it from being encrypted. I have tried several approaches found on the web, but back in the calling vb code, I always end up with something different. I'm pretty sure this has to do with the special characters, because if I don't have them in, it seems to be ok....

my code is something along these lines...

_export myFunction(BSTR *VBtextin, BSTR *VBpassword, BSTR *VBtextout, FPINT encrypt) {

BSTR password = SysAllocString (*VBpassword);
char* myChar;
myChar = (char*) password  //is this ok to cast? it seems to remain the same when i print out.

//then I encrypt the myChar in some function...and want to convert back to BSTR
//i've tried a few ways like below, and some other ways i've seen no avail.

_bstr_t temp(myChar);
SysReAllocString(VBtextout, myChar);

Any help would be very very very much appreciated!!!
Updated 20-Apr-11 15:25pm

1 solution

No, you cannot cast a BSTR to a char*. Use ConvertBSTRToString.


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